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Thee Moths
2000 - 10th of September, 2011
That's your lot.

June 6th 2010

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I don't update this page any more

May the Twenty 5th 2000009

New releases! Go to the store to order the Thumb Piano record in glorious 3" CD with a free download link for people who would find their laptop broken by a tiny CD. Then come back and check out 'Married', another superlimited 3" CD, this time with 20 tracks on it. Both have hand printed artwork and both are strictly limited to 10 copies.

Playing in Birmingham and Stourbridge this week, come along perhaps?


A whole pile of free stuff here!

First up it's a 27 track compilation from Thee Moths called 'Perennially Underachieving (lost tracks and loose ends)'. These are tracks that were recorded between 2000 and 2005 for long lost compilations, or 7"s that never got released, or were just things that sat around with nothing to attach them to. Includes the 22 minute rough demo I made to guide people during the 'Thee Moths Singers' halloween show. Get it here ->

Then there's 'Wülfstabber 1', the debut from a techno duo I'm in called Wülfstabber - 150bpm 4/4 stomp for almost an hour....and it's FREE!

Upcoming are a couple of super limited special releases, both by Thee Moths.

The first will be a CD based around samples of my voice. It'll be a long kind of choral thing. This will be limited to TEN copies, each in hand printed sleeves (gold ink on supercool Arigato Paks), with hand drawn art and inserts and a DIFFERENT MIX on EVERY LAST CD!! These will cost something like £10 but you'll be getting a unique piece of art for that.

The other is again limited to 10 copies and is a 3" CD with a load of short tracks based purely around thumb piano samples. These will also have block printed sleeves and hand drawn inserts (no print outs or photo copies here!) - £5 will get you one of these.

More short run releases to come as I fight the war against mass production.

April 17th 20000000000000NINE

Hey, a 'new' album - 27 rare and unreleased tracks! Whooo! Proper new stuff coming later in the year.

DECEMBER 2))))))))8

Maybe, just maybe..... new? A return? More Thee Moths?

Just perhaps.....

8th of July, 2008

Thee Moths, 9th of November, 2000, to 8th of July, 2008.

That's it, time's up. After almost 8 years of being involved with Thee Moths it's time to end. I've said everything I can with this band, and have nothing to add to the 55 releases that came out over the years.

There will be some new things, but no new Thee Moths things.


8th of August 2007

Updating the news page seems to be something I never do these days, if you're interested in what's going on please check the gigs page and the discography page. Also I'd recommend keeping an eye on my MySpace page - - as I keep that more up to date.

There are records out, there are records coming up....there are loads of things going on.

18th of June 2006

How rubbish am I at updating??

Since January; I have fallen in love with Heather Q, I have been to America, I have had my heart broken by Heather Q, I have met new people, I have made an album and performed as DJ Wrong Homer, I have made an album as Explosions & Screaming, I have made a new Thee Moths ep due to come out on Beat Is Murder anyday now, 'Nature' has been released, 'Nurture' has been released, '26 Examples' has been released, 'Ppep' and the compilation are FINALLY available for pre-order from Pet Piranha, I've given a track to this FREE DOWNLOAD compilation, had a track appear on the Sanitary Records 'Colour' compilation, I've cancelled my US tour, I've started booking then cancelled a European tour, I've started thinking about doing mini tours instead, I've played laptop shows, acoustic shows and a mixture of both, I've almost been attacked in Hinckley by redneck locals, I've started a new job, I've salivated over the MacBook, I've hung out with Sweet Potatoes......

A LOT has happened. And a lot more is coming up.



The last day of January, 2006

WHAT? Got a couple of gigs coming up next week. London on the 6th, Birmingham on the 7th - both with Lucky Dragons. Nice!

This list is now more for me! I haven't been able to update the discography recently due to a lack of scanner so here is what is out and what is forthcoming

Out now -

Coming up -

Will update the discography page when I can.



The First of January, 2006

Happy New Year everyone, let's hope it's better than 2005.


A winters day, in a deep and dark December (the 19th)

Things kind of went a little bit pearshaped. At the start of November Milly and I broke up which left me homeless and jobless as well as girlfriendless. This meant I had to pull out of the Thanksgiving tour and all the other shows I had booked. It also meant that Thee Infinite Golden Universe and Pocketbook broke up (though I think I will use Thee Infinite Golden Universe name for something else and the Pocketbook songs, with a new singer, for a new project).

So I'm currently single and staying with my parents - not much happening on the music front but at least you know what's going on.

Merry Christmas.


8th of Roctober 2005

Deary me, I have been terribly slack at updating this! I can't believe how long it's been. Sorry.

On Monday the 10th I am supporting The Solvents at BCUC student union bar in High Wycombe, be there if you are the type of person who is a) interested and b) local. There are other shows - check the gigs page for those.

'Nature' has been put back 'til February 2006 but there might be some copies to buy from me by the time I tour with Thanksgiving in December. I think the release date means that it will be almost a year since I finished the record by the time it comes out - which is pretty much par for the course in my experience!

I am starting work on another record which will be a bit of a left turn from my most recent stuff. It's going to have a concept but I'll not say anything more about it at the moment.


30th of July, 2005

So I moved house. Milly and I are now resident in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. It seems nice.

I am going to playing some gigs in the autumn with The Solvents and then, later in the year, a short UK tour with Thanksgiving. Also I think Viking Moses is going to be back sometime - might even get to see him play this time!

Loads of records coming up - 'Ppep' is going to finally be coming out soon on Pet Piranha, also on that label is a 10 track 'introduction to...' called 'Glytchvölk Musique Concrète' which features mostly previously released tracks. It's intended as a way of luring people into buying other things....I hope it works. Obviously 'Nature' is coming out fairly soon on Banazan but there is another release coming out at around the same time on a London based label. That one is one side of a split cassette and my side is called 'Twenty Six Examples' and features 26 short experiments in sound. It's very abstract and no track is over 45 seconds. I like it a lot.

I also have tracks coming up on a couple of compilations. One is a sampler being given away with the new Pipettes 7" on Total Gaylord and features 'Universe Prayer' from the 'Sand In Our Pockets' EP, the other is a tribute to country act Skeeter Davis and is going to be released on Sanitary Records. I am doing 'My Happiness' for that one.

Oh, I set up a MySpace as well -

Can't think of anything else.


Eighth of June

The news for today is that I am not going to do any more gigs for a while. I need to go away and rethink things for a while. I pulled out of the A Hawk And A Hacksaw support tonight for this reason.....if I feel I have nothing to say live then why would I expect an audience to listen?

More records soon though.


An interview, with me.


07th of 'the' May 200000000005

It's been quite a while since I updated, I am getting slack at this! So on with it!


'Four Songs By Other People' is out NOW on Banazan! 'Ppep', a six song EP featuring previously unheard stuff plus a couple of super-rare tracks will be out on Pet Piranha soonishly! Two new songs ('Is That Good?' and 'John Peel Says The Band Name Bill Ding') will be appearing on the Megapixxels Records compilation 'Hott Gas!' in due course! The Twenty Bees 7" is on its way back from New Zealand as I type, twelve minutes of new material, already sold out!


Only a couple of these coming up, go over to the Gigs page to find out where you can see me supporting Dennis Driscoll and A Hawk And A Hacksaw.

I also did an interview for some fanzine, I can't remember the name of it but I am told it will be going online soon.



14th of March

Show in Brighton tonight is cancelled - lack of funds has prevented Viking Moses and Jana Hunter from coming down.


13th of March

Both Milly and I have been struck down with flu and I have had to pull a couple of this weeks gigs. It's a real shame, I was looking forward to playing to a room full of people who would have liked what I am doing tonight. So that means that I am not going to be playing at the 12 Bar Club with Viking Moses and Jana Hunter tonight.

Will be playing tomorrow night in Brighton even if it kills me.


05th of 03rd of 05th

Wow, it's been a while so straight to it. There is a free download only ep available NOW from Pet Piranha Records that is rather splendid. Also there are a load of other records coming up soon.

If you want to know what is happening you should email me with the subject 'Keep Me Informed, Mothman!' and I will add you to my mailing list.


30th of January

I have changed the host for the messageboard, I figured that a board that you had to join to be able to even see it was somewhat useless so there is a new forum, feel free to say whatever you want there!

Twenty Eighth of Januaryyyyyyyyyyy

Rather nice article about 'Nature' up here and (if you can't get onto the other site) here. New reviews of 'Sand In Our Pockets' added to reviews page. Later gators.


As I said, I would keep you informed. Well, here is the info. 'Nature' will be coming out on Banazan Records at some time before the summer! I am glad to be working with a label I have had such good dealings with in the past! As for Pet Piranha there will be something else altogether coming out on their Unseen CDR series in due course. Also coming soon are a tape from Popgun, lathe cut 7" on Twenty Bees and a possible limited edition EP on Banazan. Add to that a Thee Infinite Golden Universe full length, 7" and possible EP as well as a Lipsick! 7" and things are going to be very busy over the next couple of months.

Oh! Forgot to say, Aaron from Landing is doing the artwork for the record!!


Two One, Jan, Oh Five

Looks like the album might not be coming out on Pet Piranha afterall. Will keep you informed.


19th of January, 2005

Will this month ever end?? The dreadful Thrills being on MTV2 doesn't help....

Anyway, news. The new album is finished and I can reveal that it is going to be released on Pet Piranha at the end of the spring. The record will be CD only and is 19 tracks long. The title is '' - which is Korean for 'Nature'. You can call it 'Nature' if you like, I won't feel bad. I still have to come up with the artwork.

Get along to the Fringe Bar in Brighton tonight if you want to see me playing some songs.


Zero Six Zero One Two Zero Zero Five

Haven't unpacked the scanner yet so I am unable to put the interview from Is This Music? up. Also I am unable to add the lastest thing to the discography page, the Duotone Records released 'Suburban Rebels' CD compilation that features 'The Voice Pt. 3 (reprise)' - you can download the track from the 'Sounds' page.

Will get these things updated as soon as I can!


04 January 2005

Here's that small article from The Sunday Telegraph magazine of about a month ago -

I'll probably post the interview from Is This Music? magazine as well later on


11.10pm, 23rd of December

I have a gig on the 19th of January at the Fringe Bar in Brighton. I am glad about this.

Off to Birmingham tomorrow, so I won't be able to update the site until the, with this in mind, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Five days before Christmas, 2004.

I have finally made it! The Sunday Telegraph magazine named Thee Moths in an article on bands with stupid names! I am officially IN!

Still haven't found my record player but I have been talking to various people about starting to play shows down here in the South, Apart from that nothing else of note is happening as the Season To Be Jolly closes in.


December the twelth, sitting with a laptop in Cuckfield, West Sussex

The move went well, even if we can't currently find my record player (Kirstin packed it, both Milly and I saw it go into the van, I remember unpacking the box it has vanished). I don't have any gigs coming up at the moment, but I aim to get some stuff sorted out as soon as possible. I have been really enjoying playing shows recently and need to get going again.

The south is nice.


The last day of November, 2004

It's time.

It's time to shake the sand of Dundee off my feet and head to sunnier, friendlier and (let's face it) less ugly climes. In 8 days Milly and I will be loading up all our belongings and beginning the 9+ hour trip down south.

I have lived in Dundee since 1998, 6 years of being involved with the local scene, playing gigs in the venues, getting to know people. Whilst I won't miss the general population of Dundee I will miss my good friends. They know who they are so I don't need to name them (probably will next week though).

My last Scottish shows before the move are late this week and early next and are all outlined on the gigs page.

As far as the Recorded Arts go Japanese music purchasers will soon be able to buy a load of my stuff from and Total Gaylord will be releasing the 'Chwistmas Twee' compilation CD. I have also recorded a track for a compilation on the afore mentioned Duotone label as well as something for the comp that Hugh J is putting out. I also have to record a bunch of new songs for the Twenty Bees 7" and THEN I have to actually get round to finishing the next full length album. Been kind of sidetracked doing the new Lipsick! record and coming up with things for Thee Infinite Golden Universe but I have to get back on track sometime!

Over and out.


Halfway through November

Some pretty exciting things are happening. Milly and I have started a kind of art project/record label called Twenty Bees. The concept of the label is that each release will be limited to only 20 copies and that the label will only have 20 releases, counting down from 20 to 1 before stopping. We are getting the records made by Peter King in New Zealand, each will be 7" on polycarbon.

The best part has been the reaction from the people we asked to be on it - they have all said yes! Everyone is really into the idea. The roster is currently :-

  • White Rainbow/World (Adam Forkner formerly of Yume Bitsu/[[[vvrssnn]]])
  • Lucky Dragons
  • Parenthetical Girls
  • Germlin
  • Grnr
  • Former Friend
  • Little Wings
  • Wrist & Pistols
  • Thanksgiving
  • Tarzan Stripes
  • Lipsick!
  • Thee Infinite Golden Universe
  • Thee Moths
  • Bobby Birdman
  • Y.A.C.H.T.
  • The Dirty Projectors
  • Cartwheel
  • The Golden Shoulders
  • We are going to be setting up the subscriptions for this very soon.


    Halloween, 2004

    Have added a store to the website as well as changing the first page. Have also put details of 'Field/Feeled' on the discography page. Will be adding more shortly.



    I've spammed this on several messageboards so I am also going to put it here.

    Yes, mere *weeks* after the release of the 'Sand In Our Pockets' CD EP comes some lovely vinyl.

    Banazan Records (of the Orange County, CA, USA) releases the Faeries/Thee Moths split 7" on Monday the 18th.
    Thee Moths track is the previously unreleased 'Twilight Hands' and features vocals and violin by The Electroluvs very own Kaye Brewster.

    As if all that wasn't enough Popgun Recordings will be putting out the 'Secret Lions' cassette EP in the next few weeks. This features the two tracks that were originally on the Quiet Magic Killswitch cassingle plus two brand new songs. The first two tracks are getting rereleased because fuck all people actually got copies of the original release....including myself!

    And what's this?? ANOTHER release?? Yup, 'Summer Tastes Wrong' will be appearing on the Total Gaylord Records Christmas compilation.

    Work also continues on the follow up to 'A Small Glass Ghost'.

    Linkage: , and

    Go to the Live Journal (link above) for my account of the shows with Thanksgiving.


    The Twenty-eighth of September in the year Two Thousand and Four Aye Deeeeeeeee

    Loads of gigs! Loads and loads! Go to the gig page and see. Have had a few great shows in the last couple of weeks playing with Owsley Sunshine, Lianne Hall, Bela, Caroline Martin and others. It has been a pleasure playing with nice people who love music. Tonight I am off to the Rep in Dundee to play a laptop set supporting Misty's Big Adventure and The A Forest then, in a week or so, I am doing a series of shows with Adrian 'Thanksgiving' Orange around scotland - those shows are all on the gig guide.

    Apart from that I am getting the tracks together for the Popgun Records cassingle I have been asked to do. I am going to use the tracks that were supposed to be on the Quiet Magic Killswitch cassette (which I never saw a copy of) alongside a couple of new things.

    The 'Sand In Our Pockets' EP has been getting some nice reviews...amongst italians for some reason! Go to the reviews page for more on that.

    Check back for other updates every now and then.


    16th of September, 2004

    The new album is coming along nicely. So far I have recorded 'Alex vs. The Universe', 'This Is My Time', 'The Worst', 'Awake! Awake!' and 'Do Not Be Ashamed'. I should think I will have it finished in the next couple of weeks.

    Started a new band with Milly, we are playing deep bass dub vibrations and are called Thee Infinite Golden Universe. So far there is one positivity bringing tune online - go here for a picture and some sound.

    The 'Twilight Hands' single should be coming out soon. It is on Banazan Records and has the Faeries on the other side. 7" vinyl is the format for this one and my song features vocals from Kaye Brewster of The Electroluvs. Also being released soon in an exclusive track called 'Summer Tastes Wrong' which is going on the Total Gaylord Records 'Vacation Compilation'.

    More when it happens.

    Thirtieth of August 2004444444

    Lots of gigs coming up, all of them are going to be special cos I am playing with a lot of good bands. Going to be starting on the next album this week....


    21st of of OF OF OF OF Aug-oost

    Just realised how topical the dude in the graphic is on this page. This week Scotland got totally twatted by the rain with roads collapsing and people getting swept away and stuff. Cornwall also got smashed to The Max.

    Thought I would mention it.


    Third of August Two Thousand and Four

    'Sand In Our Pockets'!! Yes! It is FINALLY manufactured!! There is a release date on both sides of the Atlantic penciled in for sometime in September. I think I will have some copies to sell before then though.

    I also finally have T Shirts. You can buy them off me at shows.

    Nothing else going on, move along now.



    Where to start? I have had a wonderful couple of weeks.

    Lipsick! played a show with Amy Hits The Atmosphere, Q Without U and Shutterbug and it was great. Krissy (Shutterbug) is staying here at the moment and played a sweet, funny set that had everyone in the room totally loving her. Afterwards we all went to Felt and danced the night away. There are photos of that show taken by Krissy and I here (search through the thread to find them)

    Anyway, I played Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago and that was good. The Chris TT Band was headlining and were totally ace...gave Mr TT some vinyl and told him how much I had enjoyed the show.

    The 'big' gigs of the last week or so were the two shows I played with Bobby Birdman, Y.A.C.H.T., Lucky Dragons and The Wrist & Pistols. The first was at the Beat Bar in Dundee. I ended up going on last when Bobby had played and really felt I couldn't follow him at all so I just mumbled some stuff into the mic and then played maybe three songs including a new one. The second show was at Joe Germlin's flat in Glasgow. This was far far far better. Everything about it was perfect. Joe played his crazy fucked up shit at high volume to start with and the collected heads of the audience bobbed along, I joined him at the end for a rendition of 'Chains' that included a sample from 'Everlasting Love'. Then I played my acoustic thing wrapped in fairylights. Had a much better time than the previous night even if some girl asked me why I sang in an 'american' accent.....I kind of explained that I try to sing as much as possible in my own accent. I guess talking to a canadian every day for several years has changed the way I phrase things a little. I played a couple of new songs, a 'tribute' to Clearfall and a load of the 'old favourites' (McGazz described it as a bit of a 'greatest hits' set).

    During my set the Police arrived to ask Joe to turn the whole thing down so Wrist & Pistols played a lot quieter than they had the previous night. They sounded amazing though. After them Jona went up and did his Y.A.C.H.T. thing but in a freeform ambient style. Lucky Dragons/Luke was very different from the previous night. With all the lights turned down and the room lit by candles and a single desk lamp Luke took us through a set of animal noises that climaxed with a crazy version of 'Mercy' from the recent 'Dark Falcon' album.

    Then came the highlight of the whole weekend for me. Bobby Birdman figured that the noise restrictions would cause problems so decided to play with a band made up of Jona (drums), Will Wrist (bass), Pablo Wrist (organ), me (guitar) and Brendan Wrist (banjo) with us all singing backing vocals and hitting things when we needed to. To say it was possibly the most wonderful musical experience of my life would be an understatement. Bobby led the makeshift band and the audience through some of his wonderful, hopefilled, redemptive songs and even rewrote 'Fuck The Police' as 'Thank The Police' cos of the way things had worked out. Magical is the word. Pictures are here.

    You can read Jona's thoughts on his site here.

    So that was my weekend. Something else has happened which I have discussed elsewhere on the web and as it is of a personal nature I will keep it off this site. Superfreakyhappy, though.

    The future holds the 'Sand In Our Pockets' EP (being pressed RIGHT NOW!!), the split 7"s (that are always forthcoming), some other stuff and a cassette ep for Popgun Records....have to write a load of new songs but that is ok.

    'Beau Chien' by Germlin/Thee Moths is finished, all we have to do now is figure out if anyone wants to release it!

    That is all for now I think!


    May 31st. Almost June. (2004)

    There is now a Thee Moths/Lipsick! messageboard - click here to rant! Going to be recording a cassette for Popgun Recordings soon - not sure when it is coming out. The 'Sand In Our Pockets' EP should be along soon will be able to get it from me, Total Gaylord Records or Dominique in Montréal.

    Talking of Dominique she is recording new songs for her solo debut - not sure when or if the songs will see the light of day but I am sure they will be wonderful. Going to also see if I can get her to contribute to another future Thee Moths project.

    Next gigs are with the Lucky Dragons in a couple of weeks. Check out Scouting Out Scout if you are in the area!


    Twenty First of May, May I?

    Soooooooooo tired!! Going to keep this quick.

    A couple of new gigs are up on the gig page - go look to see where and when I will next be playing. Apparently the album Germlin and I have collaborated on will soon be done - going to be worth getting. Lipsick! didn't get T In The Park - not really bothered cos I have done it twice but I am sure that Kirstin would have liked to have played it.


    Twenty Nine Days Into April, I get paid tomorrow

    Some tremendously sad news today, Amy of US electropoppers I Am The World Trade Center was taken ill on tour recently and has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. IATWTC are one of the greatest bands around today so I will be keeping my fingers crossed for them.


    20th of April Two Thousand and Four Aie Deee

    Some news. There will be some new Thee Moths material recorded this year - I am going to do an EP or maybe an LP later on in the year. It will be a bit of a departure from the previous releases but I am not going to go any further into it than that.

    Lipsick! are playing the T Break competition this year. Which is most amusing.

    I will be playing theForest in Edinburgh on Sunday (assuming I can get to the gig!) so look out for me if you are in the area


    April already! It is the third.

    Sorry about the lack of updates, there has been very little to report. I haven't played any shows as Thee Moths since the Motherwell show but I'm going to be maybe popping down to the Drouthy Neebors acoustic gig tomorrow night. I am definitely playing on Thursday at the Art Bar in Dundee with Pulsar. My other band, Lipsick! will also be playing. Lipsick! has been playing a lot and is very different from Thee Moths, Kirstin and I make fun disco music!

    Copped a load of crap off anonymous sniders on various messageboards for pulling the second half of the tour but I really couldn't care less. I feel no need to explain my reasons (which were very valid) to dicks who don't have the courage to leave their real names. So far I have only told one person the full story and I don't intend to tell many other.

    The split 7" with Little Wings is coming along, Kyle has supplied a great little track for his side of the record and 2MF will be putting it out at some time during the next 3 or 4 months. Also Total Gaylord Records have stepped up to the plate to take on the 'Sand In Our Pockets' EP as Maladjusted are not able to put it out at the moment. Will let you know when it becomes available.


    Ninth of March, March the Ninth!

    What I did on tour

    It started well and ended is the full story.

    28th of February.

    Double decker National Express coaches are really comfortable, I mean *really* comfortable - out of all the travelling I did the best journey was on the Saturday. Even a couple from Northern Ireland arguing about the breakup of their relationship all the way between Dundee and Glasgow could ruin it for me.......even if I did have to pretend to be asleep to avoid looking like I was listening in.
    Once they were off the bus it was a really pleasant 5 hours down through the Lake District and on to Manchester where I caught a local train and then another bus to get to Wilmslow. I arrived at Jon Stolenwines house around 9.30pm and was asleep a couple of hours later.

    29th of February.

    I had a really good nights sleep and had lunch at a local pub. Late afternoon Jon and I set out for the Bakers Vaults in Stockport where the first show took place. I am too tired even now to go into much detail. The support bands were great, Anna Kashfi and Stars On The Water were lovely people and a joy to play alongside. Though there wasn't a huge turnout the people who where there seemed to enjoy themselves and I had a good time. Taxi's took me and a bunch of other people to Manchester where I stayed with Rob (the other half of Stolenwine Records) who is also a great guy.

    1st of March.

    After being shown the way to the bus station in the morning I had chance to sit around for an hour in Manchester and read my book (Dude, Where's My Country?). I then had the bus ride from hell between Manchester and took me through every single crap hole town in the north of england and took hours. If you are ever passing through I would suggest going to Leeds bus station - it is really messed up.
    I finally arrived almost an hour late into Newcastle and was met by the wonderful Christianne who had arranged the gig. We walked to the Telegraph and I had a drink and caught up with Christianne (she is a very good friend and it is always great to see her). Support that night was from Scran and Christianne's band The Four Marys. Both were amazing, Scran reminded me of Guided By Voices but with samples and a wonderful wonkiness and The Four Marys are my new favourite british band. The people of Newcastle made me very welcome indeed and I stayed with Leon and Christianne who fed me and treated me like somekind of lo-fi king!

    2nd of March.

    Christianne showed me around parts of Newcastle in the morning before I caught my train to Glasgow. The journey was spent listening to some cyclists and reading a book about Nick Drake. The train stopped in Motherwell and, as I was heading there I jumped out. I had several hours spare in Motherwell so I read more of my book and then caught up with my friend Stephanie (who is very cool). The other bands that night were Trundlewheel and Adam Smith from the Hector Collectors and it was fun to watch them......the less said about my show the better though, I wasn't into the show at all, I couldn't see the audience and a load of people were fact I was so miserable by the end of the evening that I wanted to just go home...................which I did the next morning after sleeping on a sofa in Glasgow.

    So what have I learned? Well, I think I hate touring on my own, I was tired, disoriented and hungry most of the time. If I ever go out again I will make sure someone else is with me.

    News will get updated in a couple of days.


    Seventh of February?

    Beta blockers really mong one out. Tour is booked - go look at the gigs page. New front page to the site - you have seen it already. Christianne from Pale Man Made recorded vocals for a new song this week - it sounds great. Talked to Dominique - she is well.

    Haven't slept enough.


    Tomorrow is almost halfway through January so today is the Thirteenth of the month.

    So the US now seems intent on criminalising anyone who wants to even visit. This is putting me off going there in the summer, to the point where I think I might change the plans to a mainland European tour. I'll be decided in a few weeks. The UK tour starts (hopefully) in Manchester on the 28th of February, and I don't have to be fingerprinted to do that.

    The eighth of January show got cancelled at the last minute for some reason, I think it was to do with half of Stigma going missing or working or something. Tomorrow I am off to Aberdeen where I will be playing with Tarzan Stripes at Dr Drakes, the following night I will be at the Art Bar with Tarzan Stripes (again) and Lipsick. Should be fun.

    Finished the tracks for the Asaurus Records EP, 'As The Fletcher Makes Straight His Arrow', 'Seahound', 'The Singing From Operation London' and 'Universe Prayer (Winter Version)' are the four songs. Yes, '...Fletcher...' was going to be on the Seldom Records 7" but I have decided that I want a new song ('You Are A Great Wave') to go on that. 'Seahound' is a cover of the Lesbo Pig song and 'The Singing From Operation London' is based on 'Operation London' by My Legendary Girlfriend.

    A chap called Matthew emailed me with the info that two of my former bands records can still be bought online at - search for Maps Of Jupiter and Magnetic North Pole and you can get some quite rare vinyl that was released on the Earworm label. They aren't expensive either.

    Secret is still secret and still making me smile a lot.

    That's all I can think of for now.


    Hey! Look! It's the Twenty Eighth of December!

    I have a secret that I can't tell. But this secret makes me happier than I have been in a long time. It will be a long time til I reveal the secret but I have to say something about it. And that something is that it exists.

    Anyway, I am back from seeing my sons in Birmingham over Christmas. I flew back to Edinburgh then endured the bus journey from hell back to Dundee (I got the bus that stopped at every backwoods shithole in Fife). It was two hours of a small child singing 'Little Donkey' at high volume whilst her mother and grandmother tried to ineffectually control her.

    I am now sitting here in the early hours of the 28th listening to music and trying to keep my eyes open. The only real news for you is that I have a couple of shows coming up. On the eighth of January I am supporting Stigma at Drouthy Neebors in Dundee, on the 14th I am playing at Dr Drakes in Aberdeen and then the next day I am playing at the Art Bar in Dundee. Should be fun.

    Going to sleep now.

    Early on the 29th

    I am going to be putting the proto-Thee Moths tapes by Bikeshed out as limited CDR's in the next few weeks/months. I recorded these between 1995 and 1998 and they kind of represent an early attempt at what I am doing now. More details when I have a clearer idea about this.


    Welcome to the Twelth of December, is this the First Day of Christmas?

    Am I meant to be sending a Partridge in a Pear Tree today? If so who am I meant to send it to? Probably for the best that I don't have one I think.

    I am very very tired today, last night I went to Felt (Dundee's only indie club) and spent several hours talking to Dave the DJ and dancing (yes, dancing) with Kirstin. I didn't leave until half past one and then had to get up and cycle to work a mere 5 hours later. Drank some Solstice (I think that is how you spell it!) that helped me get through the morning. Gavin and I then managed to lose some more money on the pub quiz machine. Been a particularly poor week on the old quiz machine with losses far outstripping winnings.

    So is there actual news? Well I guess a new single is news. US lovers of all things cassette Quiet Magic Killswitch release the 'Hey Hey Hey / In The Dawn They Call The Rising Sun, And It Comes' cassingle at the start of the new year. These are two brand new songs that I wrote and recorded especially for the record, I think the tape will be inexpensive - details at Also, on a Christmas tip, is the "got you in my stocking for christmas" festive compilation. I think this is a tape as well and features my first (and probably last) attempt at recording a seasonal number. The song is called 'The Ghost's Of Christmas Presents' and the comp can be found here -

    Lipsick has a new website coming soon - there is a link from the links page (obviously), also our Littlest Album II track is is the artwork that I did during a couple of quiet shifts at work this week. Pop over to to find out about the previous volume.

    Still single.....but getting ok about it.

    additional - 12.48am on the Thirteenth of Decembererererereeeeeer

    Why the hell I am not in bed is beyond me, but here I am listening to music (np. Out Of Time by Blur) and typing stuff onto the 'news' page (the nation cries 'Hey Alex! Just get a Livejournal and get it over with!'). I wanted to share the niceness that the wonderful Lesbo Pig has sent my way - check out their list at This made me smile a great deal. Lesbo Pig are one of the greatest bands ever - they play wonderful lo-fi vignettes about itchy nipples and mice (I think mice were involved in one song - I may have dreamt that though - Ros, if you are reading this, make sure you put some mice in a song). I love Lesbo Pig. I would like to cover a Lesbo Pig song........

    additional II - 01.05am on the Thirtttteennenenth of Dex.

    STILL UP??? Listening to 'I Can't Believe You Actually Died', just finished talking to the rather splendid Mrs Burke-Brand, or Kat as I (and everyone else) call her. Earlier I spoke to Emily and Kirstin as well as sending Mike Trash Superstar Mozilla to help fix his ailing PC. I am now so tired that my eyes are hurting.

    additional III 18.58 on the Thirteenth of Deeeeember

    What the hell?? (This bit is to Kat) Of course James and you being part of Thee Moths next summer is important and of course I value you very greatly. Not mentioning you previously re. the US tour was not a slight or anything. I don't do writing 'between the lines' so there is NOTHING to read there. This goes for everyone else who might read this as well. GRRRRR!


    It's December the fifth, Cameron (my youngest son) is 6 today.

    What a long week this has has been relentless. I would so much love to be able to stop doing a 'day job' but I really can't afford not to do it. Tomorrow night is the work night out, we are going to Beiderbeckes in Dundee (a place that does the best pizza I have ever tasted) so it might be quite good.

    Spoke to Dominique a couple of times, I think it is a positive move that we can is still really difficult and we both get emotional but we will be ok eventually. We even talked about the music for a little while and I let her know that the door is always open for her to contribute to Thee Moths in the future. I hope she does.

    Anyway, what else has happened? I have been recording more and finished the tracks for a cassette single on the Quiet Magic Killswitch label (based somewhere in the US), I got the artwork finished as well so I hope that it will be out sooner rather than later. Kaye and I also finished 'Twilight Hands' for the Banazan Records split 7" with the Faeries that is coming out in February I believe. I still have a load of songs still to do but it is fun so I don't mind at all.

    On Sunday Lipsick is recording our track for the Littlest Album II - yeah, I have been in the band a week and we are already doing a song for a 7"! Kirstin and Emily are going to come over to mine and we are going to knock out the track as fast as possible. I think I will also ask the two of them to record some vocals for another new Thee Moths song while they are here. (Emily isn't in the band but she is wanting to learn how to record so this seems like a good place to start)

    I am going to be hitting the road in the spring and again in the summer. The spring shows will be in February and will be a short (a week) UK jaunt....I will be out and about with my rucksack and guitar. Dates and venues will be posted on the gigs page when I have something sorted out.

    In the summer I will be (hopefully) heading out to the US for a month of touring with (amongst others) Gentle Ribbing and Ghost Mice - again dates will be posted nearer the time.

    I think that is about it for now. I'm going to go back to talking with Tam from Q Without U on MSN now.

    Alex/Thee Moths


    Twenty Seventh of November, 2003 (with more added in the small hours of December the First)

    Change is good right? The whole concept of things staying the same forever is pleasant but unrealistic. Dominique and I split up a few weeks ago and initially I was really upset and felt super one go I felt like I had lost everything. I haven't spoken to her for quite some time now and there is a real chance that I might never speak to her again. But I feel ok now. The most interesting thing for me has been the way my friends have been...they have been there when I least expected them to be. I have also suddenly met loads of new people who are cool and friendly and make me laugh. Emily.....Kirsten.....Mike.......people who I am glad to know.

    So change is also visible - this site has been totally remade and has burst into wonderful colour and I have to thanks Mr Paul McGazz for sorting out the wonderful links on the frontpage (actually it ended up that I did them - but I will leave that bit in cos Paul is a star). I have also decided to make the whole thing far more personal, so from now on the news will mostly be me rambling for a little while with the occasional piece of info thrown in. If that is going to be a problem then you should probably leave now.

    This evening I played guitar for the Electrohos which is Kirsten's band. Her normal guitarist AND drummer had both cried off so I went along to the Beat Bar in Dundee and stood in. Kirsten is lovely and funny and makes me smile a lot so it was great to be able to help her out. We played a load of Le Tigre covers and it was fun. Kirsten will be playing in one of the live versions of Thee Moths soon.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have been recording like crazy. I have written so many songs in the last few weeks it has been insane. There is a Christmas song for that I am particularly happy with. It should be available to buy from their website soon. Also finished the track for the Seldom Records split 7" which marks the first appearance of Kaye from the Electroluvs on vocals.

    Not got much else to say today, will probably add more later in the week.


    And true to my word here I am. After the show on Thursday Kirstin and I have decided that I should be in the band full time and that we should go back to the old name Lipsick. I am really looking forward to playing spiky electropop with Kirstin (who is one of the most alive people I know) and I will keep you up to date with what is happening via these ramblings.

    Also you will notice that I have actually finished the new website, there are a couple of bits still needing work but the bulk is now up and on show. I am especially proud of the imagemap on the front page. So far people have said nice things so that is cool.

    Anyway, I have to be at work tomorrow morning so I am going to turn in. Night all.


    Alex/Thee Moths