An almost full list of all the shows Thee Moths ever played


29th of July, Vivid, Birmingham, as part of the SOUNDkitchen SONICpicnic

23rd of July, Fellfoot Wood, Lake District, Cumbria Woodland Gathering Festival

18th of June, Lighthouse Media Centre, Wolverhampton with BiLE and Noise Research

19th of May, The Bedroom, Lye webcast

15th of May, The Bedroom, Lye. Broadcast live in

9th of April, Oxford Castle Grounds, as part of the Editions of You event

2nd of April, playing at the We Are Birmingham Shop, Dale End, Birmingham

8th of February, '8 Bit Lounge' at the Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham Gameboy/DS/iPod Touch set


27th of November, Light House, Wolverhampton (with Mutate)

Tenth Anniversary Shows

12th of November, Rio Café, Glasgow (with the Paraffins and guests)

13th of November, Art Bar, Dundee (with [BOX] and Esperi)

14th of November, Upstairs at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh (with Craig Pulsar and Sly Swiggs)

11th of September, Round Room Gallery, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery 1pm
(afternoon show as part of Birmingham Artsfest)

24th of August, Frankfurt Museum of Communications, Frankfurt, Germany (sneaky secret performance/installation)

14th of August, Wagon & Horses, Birmingham, Radio Black Forest Alldayer (with
Ramleh, Crow Craw, Content Nullity, Birth!, Blood Moon and others)

3rd of June, Wagon & Horses, Birmingham (with Goodiepal and
Takahashi's Shellfish Concern)

20th of April, The Victoria, Birmingham (with Team Brick)

26th of February, The George Tavern, London (with Visions of Trees)

28th of January, in your head, 'IMAGINARY SHOW' (with support from whoever you like)

23rd of January, Fuel, Withington, Manchester (at a Blank Media Collective night)

16th of January, Wagon and Horses, Birmingham (with Swallows, Mutate, and Blood Moon)


20th of December, Wagon & Horses, Digbeth, Birmingham (at the Craftmore Mill Xmas Winterval NoiseGift
with What the Moon is Like, Dream Dreams the Dreamer, and Mutate)

12th of September, Café Oto, London (with Stray Ghost, A Message to Bears, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides and a load of others)

5th of September, Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham (with Mutate and Repetative Strain Disorder, then as part of Repetative Moths Mutate)

3rd of July, Katie Fitzgerald’s, Enville Street, Stourbridge (with Before I Explode and some other people)

29th of May, Katie Fitzgerald’s, Enville Street, Stourbridge (with The Graham Parnsip Liquidizer Torture Think-Tank and The Ultraphonics)

28th of May, The Victoria, John Bright Street, Birmingham (playing a laptop/noise/voice improv set)

10th of April, Katie Fitzgerald’s, Enville Street, Stourbridge (with completely different bands to the ones who were initially advertised.) See my set here


2nd of February, Market Tavern, Digbeth, Birmingham (with lots of people)


16th of November, Cafe One, Fiveways, Birmingham (with Cellardoor and Christmas)

19th of July, The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham (with Epic 45 and Misterlee)

16th of June, Pyramid Arts Centre, Warrington (with a vast array of very talented improv artists)

26th of April, Decades, Northampton (with Timmy Hendrix, The National Parks and Kev Cooke)

21st of April, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee (with The Wildhouse)

20th of April, Captains Rest, Glasgow (with load of great people launching the Littlest Album 3)

19th of April, 13th Note, Glasgow (with Kid Canaveral and Tibi Lubin)

22nd of March, Fishmarket, Northampton (with Ill Ease)

9th of January, The Musician, Leicester (with Intermission to Mars and Vanity Press)


1st of October, 13th Note, Glasgow (supporting Wallstreet Ammunition Hero, EVIL and The Mean Streaks)

30th of September, Tchai Ovna, West End, Glasgow (with Molly's Seafoods and some Plimptons)

29th of September, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee (with Uncle Fritz, Amber and Tragical History Tour)

6th of September, The Varsity, Wolverhampton (with What The Moon Is Like and Strap The Button)

23rd of August, The Grosvenor, Stockwell, London (with Lucky Dragons, BBBlood, Tiger Piss and Gay Against You)

22nd of August, Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham (with Hips Unite)

24th of June 2006, Labour Club, Northampton (with Black Static Transmission and Neverest Songs)

7th of June 2006, The Actress and Bishop, Birmingham (with Lianne Hall, Lee Mitchell and Gemma Q)

20th of May 2006, The Golden Cross, Coventry (with Mount Eerie, Woelv and What The Moon Is Like)

1st of May 2006, Adventureland, Portland, OR, USA (humming to myself on the porch)

10th of April 2006, Karn Café Bar, Hinckley (with some open mic goons playing Oasis covers)

4th of April 2006, The Lounge, Leamington Spa (with Andy Thomas)

2nd of April 2006, The Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham (a Slice of the Pie night with DJ Limb, Rob's Band, Aural Bleach, Reptiles and others)

14th of March 2006, The Actress and Bishop, Birmingham (with Germlin, Esquilax and Romvelope)

7th of March 2006, The Lounge, Leamington Spa (with Lee Mitchell and Rachel Challis)

7th of February 2006, The Actress and Bishop, Birmingham (with Lucky Dragons and What The Moon Is Like)

6th of February, 2006, The Tatty Bogle, London (with Lucky Dragons, Sleeping States and Vase)


10th of October, Lounge, BCUC Student Union Bar, High Wycombe (with The Solvents)

29th of May, a house on the slopes of Mt. Montgo, Jesus Pobre, Spain

18th of May, Fringe Bar, Brighton (with Dennis Driscoll, The Legend! and Metronomy)

31st of March, Prince Albert, Brighton Spirit Of Gravity night (laptop set)

10th of March, The Underground Bar, London School of Economics and Political Science, London (with Monster Bobby, Bullet Union and Birds Of Paradise)

3rd of March, 'The Void', Brighton (with Born Heller)

19th of January, Fringe Bar, Brighton (with Katie: The Fairy Trader, Monster Bobby and Good Morning Captain)


6th of December, Dundee Rep Theatre Café (with Otterley, Lipsick!, Craig Pulsar and Ladybirds Can Fly)

3rd of December, Tchai Ovna Southside, Glasgow (with Beerjacket and Sane Prof)

2nd of December, Forest Café, Edinburgh (with Chris T-T, Thomas Truax, Sgt. Buzfuz and The Kays Lavelle)

19th of November, Beat Bar, Dundee 'Love Music Hate Racism' benefit (with Tearjerk, DJ Sam, Big Big Sound and Alan Reid)

18th of November, Revue Bar, Barrowlands, Glasgow (with Thomas Peter Davis, The Cinematics, Hugh Reed Explosion, The Owsley Sunshine, Trap 6, Red Bee Society, Calcium, Degrassi, Kain and OvalSoul paying tribute to John Peel - proceeds go to Children In Need)

17th of November, Dundee Rep Theatre Café (with Otterley, Luxury Car and Lipsick!)

4th of November, Hog's Head, Glasgow (with The Petals, Joan Kane, Le Reno Amps and the Sulphur Children)

28th of October, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee (with Ross Nicoll)

11th of October, Dundee Rep Theatre Café (with Thanksgiving and Otterley)

10th of October, Secret Gig at the Balcony 'Dundee's Home Of Metal, staffed by Goth Goblins' Bar, Dundee (with Mt. Hood (aka Thanksgiving), The Wildhouse and Amy Hits The Atmosphere)

8th of October, Tchai Ovna Southside, Glasgow (with Thanksgiving and Beerjacket)

4th of October, Abertay Students Union Bar, Dundee (some guy called Tom played covers after I had finished)

28th of September, Dundee Rep Theatre Café (with Misty's Big Adventure and The A Forest)

24th of September, Balcony Bar (gig was moved at the last minute), Dundee (with Lianne Hall, Caroline Martin, Bela and Uncle Fritz)

23rd of September, Balcony Bar, Dundee (with Owsley Sunshine (laptop show))

18th of September, Barcode, Perth (with Lipsick! and The Wildhouse)

16th of September, Abertay Student Union Bar, Dundee (with Venetian Love Triangle and Politik)

2nd of September, Dundee Rep Theatre Café (with the Hazey Janes and Lipsick!)

20th of August, Dundee Rep Theatre Café (Cartel and some other people played as well)

17th of August, Magdalene Green Bandstand, Dundee. ('Flash' gig with Shutterbug, Mike Lennie, Special K, Uncle Fritz and Pixel)

11th of August, Balcony Bar, Dundee (with The Soft Eyes and Shutterbug)

7th of August, Beat Bar, Dundee (with Lipsick!, Germlin and GRNR)

22nd of July, a beach, Brighton

21st of July, Somewhere on the South Downs

26th of June, Rothes Halls, Glenrothes (with Lipsick! and Motormark)

19th of June, supersecret Trainrec# show, Glasgow (with Lucky Dragons, Wrist And Pistols, Bobby Birdman, Y.A.C.H.T. & Germlin)

18th of June, Beat Bar, Dundee (with Lucky Dragons, Bobby Birdman, Y.A.C.H.T. & Wrist And Pistols)

6th of June, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee (open mic acoustic night)

29th of May, Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh (with Chris T-T Band, The Supergun & Sacred Heart Losers)

25th of April, theForest, Edinburgh (with Greenbank and Usurper)

15th of April, Art Bar, Dundee (with Lipsick!, Gerard Black and Dereks Beard)

8th of April, Art Bar, Dundee (with Lipsick and Pulsar) this gig was cancelled at the last moment, Pulsar played next door at Drouthies

2nd of March, Starka Bar, Motherwell (with Adam Smith and Trundlewheel)

1st of March, The Telegraph, Newcastle (with The Four Marys and Scran)

29th of February, Bakers Vaults, Stockport (with Anna Kashfi and Stars On The Water)

25th of February, The Beat Bar, Dundee (with Ashley Christie, Ross Nicoll and Indi-Rev)

12th of February, Art Bar, Dundee (with Lipsick and germlin (vs. mechagermlin))

15th of January 2004, Art Bar, Dundee (with Lipsick and The Tarzan Stripes)

14th of January 2004, Dr Drakes, Aberdeen (with The Tarzan Stripes)

8th of January 2004, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee CANCELLED


20th of December 2003, McManus Gallery Café, Dundee

25th of November 2003, Wesport Bar, Dundee

18th of November 2003, Tchai Ovna, Glasgow

31st of October 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee

16th of October 2003, Kill Your Timid Notion, Dundee

5th of October 2003, Jaffrays, Dundee

23rd of September 2003, Tchai Ovna, Glasgow (with Textadventure)

28th of August 2003, Dundee Rep Theatre

21st of August 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee

8th of August 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee(with Ghost Mice)

28th of July, Art Bar 2003, Dundee (with Casiotone For The Painfully Alone)

22nd of July 2003, Medina, Edinburgh

20th of July 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee

29th of June 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee

18th of June 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee

9th of June 2003, Westport Bar, Dundee

1st of June 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee

27th of April 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee (with the Microphones)

24th of April 2003, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee


12th of October 2002, Westport Bar, Dundee

9th of August 2002, Westport Bar, Dundee

1st of August 2002, Starka Bar, Motherwell


9th of December 2001, 13th Note Club, Glasgow


14th of November 2000, Westport Bar, Dundee

9th of November 2000, Drouthy Neebors, Dundee

There have been many other shows but I really can't remember them all.

Pre-Thee Moths shows with Magnetic North Pole and others

1st October 2000     Bar One, Motherwell     Vinyl Reverb and Nikita
22nd September 2000     Edinburgh Art School     Ballboy
21st September 2000     Drouthy Neebor's, Dundee     Speeder
1st September 2000     Nice 'n Sleazy's, Glasgow     The Silver Pill and Terra Diablo
5th August 2000     Glastonbelly Festival, Bell Farm, Carnoustie     -
25th July 2000     Westport Bar, Dundee     Rare acoustic MNP show with Douglas T Stewart ( BMX Bandits )
23rd July 2000     The Shak, Hamilton     Six band minifest
9th July 2000     The PRS Stage - T in the Park, Balado, Kinross     A few other lesser known bands... ;)
6th July 2000     Westport Bar, Dundee     C I State & Nikita
18th June 2000     Doghouse, Dundee     Tayside Records all-day event
15th June 2000     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee     Macrocosmica & Gerils
8th June 2000     West Port Bar, Dundee     Six band bill
4th June 2000     Ice House, Perth     T Break
2nd May 2000     Potterow, Edinburgh     Gas giant & Atomic Dogs
26th April 2000     Wilkie House, Edinburgh     Pentothal & BYLXI
19th April 2000     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee     Miracle Pills & Loki.
26th March 2000     Westport Bar, Dundee     Laeto
23rd March 2000     13th Note (Club), Glasgow     Kirby & Twitch.
6th March 2000     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee     Risingson & Shutterbug.
1st March 2000     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee     Magicdrive & Asuka.
29th February 2000     Mono@DUSA     Laeto, [Mercury Tilt Switch] and The Needles.
17th February 2000     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee     Loki & Northern Remedy.
27th January 2000     West Port Bar, Dundee     Mylar & Venetian Love Triangle.
24th January 2000     13th Note (Cafe), Glasgow     Pentothal.
19th December '99     Westport Bar, Dundee     The Needles & Yellow Car.
16th December '99     Dbasement, Dundee.     -
23-25 November '99     Unscene Festival, Dundee.     -
23rd November '99     West Port Bar, Dundee     Snow Patrol and Asuka.
11th November '99     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee.     -
13th October '99     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee     Jeremiah.
11th October '99     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee     Earworm Night, with Ma Cherie For Painting.
-     Westport Bar, Dundee     Rape Crisis Benefit, with Laeto.
8th September '99     Dbasement, Dundee     Asuka & Infernal.
22nd July '99     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee     Super-Bikeshed, with Mica, Jeremiah and The Duke of Portland.
17th July '99     The Plough     Servo.
26th May '99     Aberdeen     with September and someone else
20th May '99     Drouthy Neebors, Dundee.