A Small Glass Ghost (
New electronic sounds, some structure, beats, filtered sounds. A new way forward.

Thee Alex (
A more open, straight up electronics project. A partial continuation of the kind of thing I was doing as Thee Moths.

Rainbow Skull
Old school 90s style fuzz pop

Mossy Log (
Traditional folk tunes performed with guitar and voice, or simply voice alone.

The Home Guardian (
Twinkling electronica, made entirely in Nodebeat on my iPod Touch

∆^∆^∆ (
Crackles and static obscuring ambient washes and midi chimes

Fighting With Foam Swords (

Dramatic 'Victory Synths' playing fanfares for the future

Acrylic Temples (
Droning ambience

DJ Abject Failure/DJ Knights in White Satin/DJ Long Days Ride Til Tomorrow (

Different names for individual tracks made with analogue synths

Born in 1972/The Statis Of High Speed Travel (
Fuzzed out electronica, and looping midi


Some projects that might return, or might not

Alex Charles (

A solo project. Small events created with bells and percussion instruments are looped and layered, creating a meditative swirl of sound.

Señor Citizen (
A duo with Ade Bordicott of Mutate et al. Analogue Casio Keyboards plus guitar effects pedals, generating an improvised mixture of noise and ambiance.

Wülfstabber (
Straight techno duo with Ade Bordicott

Visible Universe (
Voice and guitar improv duo with Ade Bordicott

Wings & Claws (
Improvised percussion, drones, and chimes. Duo with Sian from Swallows

Thee Infinite Golden Universe (
Freeform spacerock dub jams, many members

Thee Moths (
over 100 releases, across 11 years

DJ Wrong Homer (Gameboy based 8 bit tunes), Catface (electronica tinged pop), Pocketbook (pre-Catface songs), Lipsick! (electro pop duo/trio) Magnetic North Pole (lo-fi fuzz rock), Neurola (boy/girl vocals, indie guitar rock), Maps Of Jupiter (lo-fi), Bikeshed (solo songwriting), Fragile (lo-fi duo with Dundee's Peter Moug), Kosmische (late 90's noise rock), Optical Meat Cleaver (improvised guitar noise duo), Monoplane (rhythmic indie rock), Sandhopper (Dinosaur Jnr. inspired guitar rock), Some Fools Mess (Hüsker Dü styled fuzz pop), The Papermen (acoustic duo with Andrew Grewcock), Slot (solo no-fi noise), Superman Wallpaper (Wonder Stuff style spiky indie)